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Taptail Mojito £6.25

Refreshing, punchy and oh so minty, our speedy Bacardi taptail mojito is the classic Cuban highball, without the wait. served over ice with lots of mint.

4 For £20 #tappydays

Feelin' fruity? +50p

Max out your Mojito with our summer flavours:    
Mango Mojito
Strawberry Mojito
Passion Fruit  Mojito

Beers & ciders

On Tap

Estrella Damm (4.6% vol) 2/3 pint £2.95 / pint £4.35


Peroni (5.1% vol) £3.80
Peroni Gluten Free (5.1% vol) £3.80
Corona (4.5% vol)  £3.80
Becks Alcohol Free (0.05% vol) £3.00 
Old Mout Strawberry & Pomegranate (4%) £4.20
Hawkes Urban Orchard (4% vol)


Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA (4.3% vol) £4.00
Beavertown Gamma Ray Pale Ale (5.4% vol) £4.00
Magic Rock Common Grounds (5.4% vol) £4.00
Stan's Leaf Twister Big Apple Cider (5% vol) £3.80
Rosie's Pig Rhubarb Cider (4% vol) £3.80

Spirits & mixers


Monkey Shoulder Whisky,
Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum,
Tanqueray Gin,
Ketel One Vodka.

Choice of Mixers

Fever-tree tonic water, Pepsi (Diet, Max), Lemonade 
25ml & Mixer £4.00, 50ml & Mixer £5.50

Wines & fizz


Sauvignon Blanc Tokomaru Bay, NZ (12% vol)

All the zest and tropical fruit the nation loves from a Marlborough sauv blanc.

175ML £4.75, 250ML £5.75, 500ML £11.50, 750ML £16.95

Picpoul De Pinet (Bottle) Domaine Roquemoliere, FRA (12.5% vol)

Throw caution to the wind and treat your tongue to a picpoul party with this zingy and gorgeously bone dry refresher.


Chateau Souverian Merlot, USA (14% vol)

Flirting outrageously with your tasebuds, this goes down quicker than a homesick mole and is just velvety. NOT your average Merlot.

175ML £4.75, 250ML £5.75, 500ML £11.50, 750ML £16.95

Pinot Noir (Bottle) Yealands Black Label, NZ (13.5% vol)

If you don't already love bang on trend Pinot, you certainly will after this seductively soft and juicy delight.



White Zinfandel The Bulletin, USA (10.5% vol)

I've been drinking.. watermelon! die hard rose lovers only need apply.

175ML £3.75, 250ML £4.75, 500ML £9.50, 750ML £13.95


Crisp Aussie Pinot Grigio, Lacento, AUS (12% vol) 

Light, fresh and citrusy, you can't go wrong with a chilled glass of our Pinot Grigio

175ML £3.75, 250ML £4.75, 500ML £9.50, 750ML £13.95


El Bar Malbec, Argentina (13.5% vol)

Malbec and steak are a match made in heaven, you won't find a better pairing!

175ML £3.75, 250ML £4.75, 500ML £9.50, 750ML £13.95


Selfish (11% vol) 200ml £6.95

Sociable (11% vol) 750ml £21.50



Raspberry, apple & rose juice drink £2.75
Strawberry & cracked black pepper juice £2.75


Pepsi (Diet, Max), Tango, Lemonade.
Our own hand-mixed soft drink, please ask for today's fllavour 
Each £2.80


Still or Sparkling 

330ml £2.00, 750ml £3.00

Bottles & cans

Redbull Sugarfree £3.00
Dalston's Fizzy Rhubarb, made with real British 'Blush' rhubarb. A deliciously sweet and tart combination with a vanilla undertone £2.90
Dalston's Cherryade, Made with real British cherries. A refreshing complex mix of sweet and sour flavours £2.90
Dalston's Fizzy Elderflower, Made with real British handpicked Elderflower. A super delicious and refreshing floral soda £2.90
Coca-cola £2.70

Hot drinks


Afternoon Tea £2.00
Earl Grey £2.20
Green Sencha £2.20
Peppermint £2.20
Strawberry & Mango £2.20


Espresso Single £2.00 / Double £2.60
Macchiato £2.20
Americano £2.00
Cappuccino £2.20
Flat White £2.20
Latte £2.20
Mocha £2.20

Hot Chocolate

Choc-o-Lait £2.60
Warm milk with a chocolate stick to stir in.